A Quick Guide to Prepare for Your Newborn Photography Session

A Quick Guide to Prepare for Your Newborn Photography Session

by: Chris and Samara
14th Sep, 2017

We love babies! You know what’s just as good as cuddling them? Taking photos of them! We simply can’t resist geeking out over how beautiful and cute babies can be when the moment is just right. Whether they are sleepy, active, crying, or smiling, we love photographing them in all their moods and modes. Plus, however your little one decides to enter your world and act, it’s who they are and we’re sure you’ll be grateful to relive those very first moments together.

If this is your first time experiencing a newborn photo session, don’t panic! We’re here to ensure you all have a good time. If you still feel like you need help though, then here is our quick guide on newborn photography.



Tip 1: Seriously, don’t stress


Alice’s newborn photo session

You can’t plan the delivery, so don’t stress about the upcoming shoot. We will make ourselves available whenever the little one decides to join the world!


Tip 2: Timing


Alice, a 5-day-old newborn

The ideal* “used lightly” time to photograph newborns is between 5-15 days after birth. That’s if you want the portraits where your baby is curled up and looks oh so sweet!

* Ideal – not all babies come out wanting to be curled up, the 5-15 day window is the best chance at making it happen. We’ve got tons of other poses and ideas if the newborn curls don’t work out.


Tip 3: Prepping for the shoot


Mom feeding baby just before the session begins.

If you’ve decided on breast feeding your baby, it’s best to have a pretty simple dinner the night before, something light. That delicious, spicy, foot long burrito may keep your baby riled up during the session.

Warm up the house for the shoot day. Your little one will probably be naked for most of the shoot, so it’s best to keep the environment nice and toasty and comfortable.

Generally, we try to document the little one right after a feeding. If you’ve already got some sort of feeding schedule down, let us know. We will show up 30 minutes before you want to feed, so we can set up and be ready to start when you’re done.


Tip 4: Be patient


Oliva, not sure if she wants to sleep or eat.

The start of the shoot is all about the little one, and generally only takes about 30 minutes. Realistically though, it can take up to a few hours depending on the little one’s mood. It’s okay; sometimes we have to reschedule. We totally understand.



Tip 5: You’ll always be in control


Mom close by while baby’s getting her close-up.

We avoid picking up touching the baby as much as possible. Parents: that’s your job. We want you to be involved and as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process. If we need to, we will always ask first. We take the health and safety of newborns very seriously, sanitizing our hands and equipment throughout the session.