Bellvue Manor Wedding for Taniella & Andrew

Bellvue Manor Wedding for Taniella & Andrew

by: Chris and Samara
16th Jun, 2017
Believing ourselves to be very well-prepared photographers, with a trick up our sleeve for just about any situation and enough gear to cover all the bases, we step into the unknown for each wedding with all of our couples confidently. At Taniella and Andrew’s Bellvue Manor wedding, to our pleasant surprise, we were welcomed to an elegant venue space with everything already taken care of.


The ceremony was in-house, sweet, heartfelt, and just right for these two. The dramatic lighting added an extra kick – hats off to the Bellvue Manor again for putting together one of the most elegant weddings we’ve seen to date!

What made the wedding so great, exactly?


The Italian marble foyer was a perfect choice for cocktails, and the bright floor to ceiling windows made it feel even more warm and inviting.

Plus reception

The reception space perfectly accommodated their large guest count, allowing spacious room to move between tables, while still allowing for a robust dance floor—this was definitely needed since this group partied harder than any we’d seen all year.

Crazy dance on the dance floor

We can’t stress enough: a good layered lighting setup, like the one here at Bellvue Manor, makes a huge difference in the mood and atmosphere of a wedding reception. It adds drama, shape, texture, and uniqueness to an otherwise simple space. Knowing that everything was in the Bellvue Manor’s good hands also allowed us to enjoy the day leading up to the ceremony with an extra little bit of ease.

Good speech shot with layered texture

We really enjoyed spending more time during the getting ready, hanging out with these closely knit families and long-time friends. We even had time to prepare and head out to a second location, the McMichael Art Gallery, for their first look.

An intimate moment before heading off to the ceremony

Taniella and Andrew, simply put, had an incredibly full and wonderful wedding day, with lots of time to appreciate each other and the moments in between.

A snap from the second location, the McMichael Art Gallery

We’d like to thank the following for their help!

Here are some other wonderful vendors who helped make Taniella and Andrew’s wedding day complete:

  • Lighting & Entertainment: Bellvue Manorin-house | Platinum Entertainment.
  • Décor: Under Wraps Decor. Follow them @underwrapsdecor
  • Dessert: The Rolling Pin. Follow them @therollingpinto
  • Videographer: Jeremy Robertson Wedding Films. Follow them @jeremyrobertsonewddingfilms
  • Wedding Dress: Paloma Blanca. Follow them @palomablancabridal
  • Custom Headpiece: David Dunkley. Follow him @daviddunkleyhat
  • Groom Attire: 4 Men United
  • Hair: Ladylyn Gool. Follow her @ladylyngool
  • Bridal Makeup: Aniya Nandy. Follow her @aniyanandybeauty
  • Bridesmaids’ Makeup:@dawnabootmakeup

Great job, you guys!