Family Pictures: Why You Should Totally Do Them

Family Pictures: Why You Should Totally Do Them

by: Chris and Samara
20th Sep, 2017

It goes without saying that family photos are precious no matter what age you are right now. There’s something special about taking time to sit on the couch with your loved ones, crack open a family photo album (those are still around!), and reminisce over memories you all cherish.

Nowadays it’s easy to simply pick up a smartphone, press a button, and peruse it at your leisure, and even posting your favourites on social media. We’re not knocking you doing that at all – in fact, we encourage it! But there’s something uniquely different about having us professionals take family pictures for you compared to just bringing out the iPhone yourself. There are some moments that come and go so fast that by the time you pull out the phone, you’re too late—that special moment has passed.

Let us capture those special moments for you. Here’s why we think you should totally have the family pictures done by professional photographers.


1. For the photos


Family Pictures Why You Should Totally Do Them - Sarelle Photos_002

Sofia being Sofia. These in-between moments are sometimes the best ones.

This one’s a no brainer. Yes, you can set up your phone/camera on a timer and grab a shot of all of you together, but are you laughing? Connected? Showing each and every one of your personalities? Maybe—but maybe not. We gently set up group shots, but with your trust, we help evoke who you are in each image we capture.


Family Pictures Why You Should Totally Do Them - Sarelle Photos_003

We hung out at the boys’ favourite park for photos, which enabled us to candidly capture big brother’s jungle gym moves. Doing something fun with kids for a photo session also helps us build trust with them, which in turn lets us capture honest images we know parents cherish.


2. The most important: it’s not only about the photos


Family Pictures Why You Should Totally Do Them - Sarelle Photos_004

When asked if he could hug his brother, there was no hesitation. He went right for it.

I know, I know, that contradicts #1. Planning a photo session can actually be a wonderful family activity though. It doesn’t have to be all serious; we love meeting up at a park, capturing kids in their element, and having fun playing.

As a family, what do you do the most often? Do you have traditions, like Sunday morning pancakes? Why not have that captured? Do your kids play soccer? Why not set up a family game?

These are all great suggestions for family pictures that don’t have to be forced, and it makes the scene less about the photo session and more about what’s most important: that you’re all spending quality time together and making new and wonderful memories together.


3. Kids will appreciate it when they are older


Family Pictures Why You Should Totally Do Them - Sarelle Photos_005

Casual family session at the family farm.

Do you know how hard it is to find a photo of everyone together? There’s a lot of photos of Chris with his brother, sister, and dad, or with his mom, sister, and brother. But there’s not many photos of all five of them together. The same thing goes for Samara. When we moved in together, we hung up the very few photos we found of all of us in the family picture.

Don’t wait for a family event to make that magic happen. Make it happen right now! Trust us when we say this: you’ll be happy you did.