How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session

by: Chris and Samara
14th Sep, 2017

Sometimes, having photographs of your engagement before your wedding day arrives can perfectly capture the joy and excitement you both felt on that big day before the big day. If engagement photo sessions are a brand new concept to you though, don’t worry. Here are our top tips on preparing for the engagement photo session so you both look your best! This will help you learn to trust your photographer; that way you can just be yourselves and enjoy the adventure!


Step 1: The Why



Alex & Matt getting comfortable with the camera. During shooting we don’t always want you to be serious so we play games and fool around to help loosen you up in front of the camera.

The “why” is to determine if you want to use the photos for anything in particular first. For example:

  • Getting comfortable with your photographer
  • Prints to frame
  • A guest book for your wedding
  • For your save the dates/wedding website

Your answer will determine how casual or formal the photo session is. By this we don’t necessarily mean in a literal “outfit” sense, but rather in the organization of the photo session.

Sometimes, engagement photo sessions can just be for the fun of them. You’ll really get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera.

If it’s the casual option, there’s not much to prepare. All you really need to do is show up and be yourselves! We can literally meet at your house and just go for a walk around the block.

If it’s the planned session, our first piece of advice is to pick a location that is either:

  1. A) Sentimental to the two of you and your relationship (the first place you met, the park you always go to, a trail you run, etc. If both of you like baking, why not go to a bakery?)
  2. B) Fits the theme/feeling of your wedding. For example, if you’re having an elegant wedding, dress up nice. If it’s a farm wedding, let’s go to a field, or to a park. For a wedding in Toronto, why not get some iconic landmarks in the frames? Those would be great for save the dates!
  3. C) Opposite of your wedding—if you’re having a summer wedding, why not do a wintery photo session? Or a fall one if your wedding is in the spring?


Step 2: Outfits



Jill & Ian dressed appropriately for winter fun. Pros: they “fit” together, look weather appropriate, and look casual. If she had been in a dress, 2 major things would have been wrong: #1, they wouldn’t really “match”; she would stick out as odd (unless he was similarly dressed in a suit), but that leads up to #2: they would be freezing, red, and uncomfortable i.e. unable to let loose and be themselves.

Regardless of whether you want a casual or a planned photo session, the outfits you wear are always your choice and should be well thought out.



Amanda & John’s elegant Forks of the Credit engagement session. The idea was to adventure around the Provincial Park in Caledon ON, Forks of the Credit. They also wanted to glam up, which totally works because they both dressed up. So, while the outfits may seem out of place, they totally work because it was well thought out and coordinated.

Matching is good, but keep it subtle—no super matching like jeans and white t-shirts all around. Think more along these lines: if one of you wants to dress up, then both of you should dress up. If you want to rock athletic wear, both of you need to. If one person is in a fancy dress, but the other is in shorts and sneakers, that’s not so nice.



Taniella & Andrew’s bohemian golden hour sunset engagement session. Taniella & Andrew are an adventurous eclectic couple who love to rock out. The bold patterns and flower crown work extremely well for them because it is authentically them. It complements not only who they are in their personalities, but literally in Taniella’s bold red hair and fun attitude.

Stay away from distracting patterns (unless going all out is authentically you). Neutrals are great, with accents of bold colours or items.



Natt & Evan’s casual forest engagement session. Natt & Evan expressed in the beginning that they were a little unsure about engagement photos. We encouraged them to dress as they would on any average day so they could really get comfortable, bringing along Nat’s bold flannel scarf added that bold punch accents without being distracting.

Here are some other great clothing ideas:

  • Jeans, a simple t-shirt, or a dress shirt with a bold watch or shoes.
  • Dresses that move. They are always fun!
  • Bold scarves on plain outfits.


Step 3: Enjoy Yourselves!







Ryan & Chantel playing with leaves during their Burlington engagement session. With Ryan and Chantel, we just chose to walk around the downtown core and have fun with the places and this along the way. Besides the date and corner to meet on, we didn’t plan anything!

An engagement photo session should never, ever be a stressful event. Our main goal when it comes to sessions is not only to make sure you look amazing, but also that you have a ton of fun in the process! So grab your fiancé or fiancée by the hand and get cuddly. The more fun you have during your photo session, the better the photos will turn out.