We're Chris & Samara, we're so glad you're here. You have our full permission to pour yourself a glass of wine and get comfy as you click through the site. Chances are, that’s what we’re doing so it’ll be like we’re hanging out together!
Why we love what we do …
Our philosophy on photography is a bit different (which is hopefully why you’re here). We think traveling, family get-togethers, good food, good wine and having fun are non-negotiables. Does anything bad ever happen in a kitchen? In our 10 years as photographers, shooting more than 200 weddings, we’ve come to realize it’s the little moments that make us geek out. Don’t get us wrong, there isn’t a wedding that doesn’t make us tear up and get emotional for the awesome life ahead. But you should know that we don’t see your wedding as the end of our relationship.
We want to be there with you as you celebrate the moments that make life so special. Dinners with friends and family, Saturday morning pancakes with the kids (yes, we understand kids get up unnaturally early and we’re OK with that) and movie nights in the living room with your love. Whatever makes you feel makes life so awesome, we want to be there to make sure it lasts as long as possible. We know you have iPhones and all kinds of ways to document your life, but we want to help you create lasting memories that include you and your family while capturing candid moments you just can’t get when you’re the one behind the camera.
Here are some of the moments we’re so grateful our parents captured when we were younger:
"Chris with dad, bro + new baby sis"
“I (Samara) was adopted, this is my first time seeing my parents.”
“Just another photoshoot”
“Me, my dad and brother.”
“Me and my childhood obsession”
"Chris, brother and mom"
"Me and my brother"
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