While we call Montreal, Toronto and everything in between our home base, we love to travel. If you want us to come to you, we are certainly up for the adventure!
We meet most of our clients via Skype for our first meeting. We feel it’s personal and allows for flexibility with your busy schedule.
We’re passionate about being there for you throughout every stage of your wedding planning process. Yes, even if it means dropping everything for a glass of wine to unwind and talk about all things NON-wedding.
We hope you become close friends. Nothing makes us happier than celebrating with you in all that life will bring you.

We aim to provide polished and meaningful imagery through our professional post processing. In order to get the images you’ve come to expect on our site, we take pride in capture the entire story (not just the highlights) and meticulously perfecting each image before delivery.
We like to have fun. Don’t worry, we’ll get the job done and we’ll be professional, but life is to be enjoyed! You’ll find out quickly that we’re experts in turning any situation into a good time.
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